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About NZDSA Membership

The NZDSA promotes the interests of people with Down syndrome and their families by:

  • producing publications which provide information to new parents
  • publishing information that is accessible to families
  • publishing a quarterly newsletter
  • providing face-to-face support to new parents, through hospital and home visits
  • providing ongoing links between families
  • maintaining regional groups and networks
  • establishing and maintaining relationships with other disability organisations
  • responding to political and social issues by submissions to government bodies and through the media
  • initiating project that will have a direct benefit to people with Down syndrome and their families
  • presenting information programs to medical practitioners, students, educators, and community orgranisations, in order to enhance their interactions with people with Down syndrome
  • providing a communication and information base
  • maintaining links with Asia Pacific Down Syndrome Federations and worldwide Down Syndrome Associations

Structure of the Association

The Association is an Incorporated society administered by a National Committee consisting of seven elected representatives. A National Co-ordinator is employed by committee.

The NZDSA Inc is funded by , membership subscriptions, grants, donations and fund-raising. The Membership Fee starts from NZ $30.00 per year.

Once your are on our national register, you will receive a quarterly newsletter - with up-to-date information.

The Secretary
NZ Down Syndrome Association
PO Box 4142
New Zealand

Or if there is any further information you would like please contact the National Coordinator.


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