Finding Out
First Questions
Telling Others
Your Feelings
Looking After Yourselves
Feeding Your Baby
Your Baby's Development
Early Intervention

Finding Out

• You will never forget the moment you find out your baby has Down syndrome.

• Our families say the moment remains crystal clear in their memories. They are able to relive it even twenty years later as though it happened yesterday.

• People react in many different ways. You may feel overwhelming sadness, you may feel too numb to react much at all.

• Do not assume your partner is experiencing this the same way as you.

• It is OK to react in whichever way you do.

• Your partner’s way of coping is OK too.

• You are not alone, other people have felt this way before you.

• In time most people adjust to the news. Their baby becomes a well-loved member of their families and Whanau, just part of their everyday lives.