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Looking After Yourselves
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Looking After Yourselves

Your own health is vitally important.
You are going through one of the most stressful times of your life.
Suggestions from other parents are:

• Let yourself cry

• Expect good and bad days

• Rest - you are like all new parents who have just had a baby

• Get to know your baby - cuddle your baby, breast feed, take photos

• Spoil yourself with your favourite treats

• Get information - fear of the unknown may make things harder, ask questions, BUT only read information that helps you, don’t get overwhelmed

• Allow yourself time to heal - your feelings will change, things will get easier

• Take time out - visit somewhere peaceful or just forget about Down syndrome for a while

• Talk to another parent - phone a support parent from the NZ Down syndrome association on 0800 693724. Picking up the phone that first time can be very hard, but it really helps to talk to someone else who’s been through it.

• Ignore unhelpful comments - even if they’re from people close to you!

• Write a journal, or express your feelings in art or music