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Help Downlights to enable their crew to succeed

Help us help them, to make ALL aspects of working at Downlights inclusive for all the Downlights Crew. Downlights  are a big supporter of the NZDSA and they have launched a two-week fundraising campaign to buy specialised equipment that their Downlights Crew need, most importantly a wax melter with pouring wand. The Downlights Project Wax […]

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Ageing DS population raises dementia issue

by Coen Lammers As life expectancy of people with Down syndrome is increasing, the number of them developing dementia is also growing. The extra chromosome that causes the developmental and health issues associated with Down syndrome also carries the Alzheimer’s genes, so people with Down syndrome often develop dementia at an earlier age. Research shows […]

Exciting new website for NZDSA

By Coen LammersDuring the recent upheaval caused by the COVID-19, many events, including World Down Syndrome Day were severely affected.As people were trying to get their heads around the day-to-day life in a bubble, some new developments also slipped under the radar, including the launch of the wonderful new website of the New Zealand Down […]

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Why the NZDSA needs your support

By Coen LammersAs the New Zealand Down Syndrome Association is heading into its 40th year, an effective  and strong representation of the Down syndrome community is getting more important with each year. The NZDSA was founded in 1981, initially to support parents caring for a person with Down syndrome, but over the years this role […]

Lockdown survey reveals fascinating statistics

The NZDSA recently conducted a survey to find out how people with Down syndrome experienced the COVID-19 lockdown period in April and May. We want to thank the 90 families who took the time to respond to one or all three surveys. Editor COEN LAMMERS has looked at the responses. The first COVID-19 lockdown was […]


Have your say in the 2020 General Elections

The 2020 General Election have been moved to October 17, which has affected the events organised by disability groups around New Zealand to get our community involved. Please check the dates below. The Electoral Commission is providing Easy To Read material to understand the process.  CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD.  This year there are also two […]

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Three actors light up the big screen and the stage 

By Coen Lammers   Actors with Down syndrome are becoming a hot commodity with three young female actors starring in two movies and a play in recent months.  Actors with Down syndrome are becoming a more regular feature on television and in movies, including Coronation Street, Shortland Street, and of course the current box office success Peanut Butter Falcon.  […]