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The Value Of Friendship

By Nigel Winter My son Logan is a 15 year old teenager who for the past three and a half years, has been very fortunate to have two outstanding young friends Caleb and Daniel, and I would like to take the opportunity to share some great moments both of us have shared with these boys […]

Outside While Inside The Box

Auckland’s Touch Compass dance company, which is New Zealand’s only professional inclusive dance company, put on a series of productions thinking outside the box in 2017—and one special performance by Duncan Armstrong won praise. The DanceBox series was a collection of eight short dance or theatre based films which encouraged participants to look back on […]


ALEX MOVES OUT OF HOME Alex is a 25 year old with a supportive, charismatic older sister and encouraging, vibrant younger brother. He is a keen follower of Rugby and WWE wrestling, he goes to karate three times a week and has been a member of the dojo for a number of years. Alex is […]

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Jill and James Get Married

Seven years after first seeing each other on the bus and being too shy to speak, James Dobinson and Jill Jefferies walked down the aisle as the first couple to be married at Christchurch’s Transitional ‘cardboard cathedral’ in November last year. “We didn’t communicate at all at first,” says Dobinson from their home in Lyttelton: […]

Station Assistant, Matthew Swaffield

Station Assistant, Matthew Swaffield the Governors Bay Volunteer Fire Brigade by Matthew Swaffield My name is Matthew Swaffield and I volunteer with the Governors Bay Volunteer Fire Brigade. On Thursday night we do our practice. I help the fire fighters with the rolling up the hoses after the call outs, when we do practices I […]

A Powerful Speech

A Powerful Speech Man With Down Syndrome Urges Support For Research Recently a man with Down syndrome, Special Olympian and advocate Frank Stephens, addressed the US Congress urging them to allocate money to research that would help people with Down syndrome. His powerful speech made headlines around the world, and in contrast to the increasing […]

Vincenzo Vaccarino

My name is Vincenzo Vaccarino but most people call me Vinnie. I was born in South Africa but now I am a New Zealand citizen and I live in Palmerston North I am excited that Rachel and I are on the cover of CHAT 21. Rachel Oemcke and I have dated for five years and […]