CHAT 21 Autumn 2024

18/05/2024/by Jess Waters

CHAT 21 Summer 2024

20/03/2024/by Jess Waters

CHAT 21 Spring 2023

22/12/2023/by Jess Waters

Bonus questions for politicians

05/10/2023/by Taylor McMillan

Priyanca Radhakrishnan, Minister for Disability Issues, Labour Party By Sarah Paterson-Hamlin

05/10/2023/by Taylor McMillan

Maureen Pugh, Spokesperson for Disability Issues, National Party By Sarah Paterson-Hamlin

02/10/2023/by Taylor McMillan

Toni Severin, Disability Issues Spokesperson, ACT Party By Sarah Paterson-Hamlin

27/09/2023/by Taylor McMillan

Jan Logie, Disability Spokesperson, Green Party By Sarah Paterson-Hamlin

21/09/2023/by Taylor McMillan

Te Pāti Māori By Sarah Paterson-Hamlin

15/09/2023/by Taylor McMillan

CHAT 21 Winter 2023

05/09/2023/by Jess Waters

CHAT 21 Autumn 2023

01/06/2023/by Jess Waters

CHAT 21 Summer 2023

17/03/2023/by Jess Waters

Shona & Roderick: a lifelong relationship By Sarah Paterson-Hamlin

13/12/2022/by Taylor McMillan

Career Plan Workbook

03/12/2022/by Jess Waters

Employers guide to hiring someone with Down Syndrome

03/12/2022/by Jess Waters

CHAT 21 Spring 2022

25/11/2022/by Jess Waters

Heart kids

07/09/2022/by Taylor McMillan

Renee – Getting through COVID-19

24/08/2022/by Daniel teKaat

CHAT 21 Winter 2022

05/08/2022/by Jess Waters

Dual diagnosis – an overview

03/08/2022/by Taylor McMillan

Special Olympics trailblazer Colin Bailey still going strong after 40 years By Zoe Braithwaite, Special Olympics New Zealand

07/06/2022/by Taylor McMillan

Down for Love interview with Robyn Paterson By Sarah Paterson-Hamlin

25/05/2022/by Taylor McMillan

CHAT 21 Autumn 2022

23/05/2022/by Jess Waters

The Big Connect

28/03/2022/by Jess Waters

Breakfast TV focuses on World Down Syndrome Day

21/03/2022/by Coen Lammers

World Down Syndrome Day highlights barriers to full inclusion

20/03/2022/by Jess Waters

World Down Syndrome Day 2022

17/03/2022/by Jess Waters

CHAT 21 Spring 2021

18/01/2022/by Coen Lammers

Relive the highlights of our Virtual Conference

16/12/2021/by Coen Lammers

Poppy movie selected for prestigious film festival

12/12/2021/by Coen Lammers

Families urge to be at the heart of new Ministry for Disability

05/11/2021/by Coen Lammers

Virtual conference celebrates NZDSA anniversary in style

01/11/2021/by Coen Lammers

Golden Years resource invaluable for families with Down Syndrome

20/10/2021/by Coen Lammers

Wanted: New editor for CHAT 21 to join NZDSA

14/10/2021/by Coen Lammers

NZDSA honours Dame Patsy as part of 40th anniversary

04/10/2021/by Coen Lammers

Conference sessions for people with Down syndrome

29/09/2021/by Coen Lammers

Stunning Virtual Down Syndrome Conference programme announced

29/09/2021/by Coen Lammers

DS community urged to continue to engage in their community

25/09/2021/by Coen Lammers

Largest ever Virtual Conference to celebrate 40 years NZDSA

16/09/2021/by Coen Lammers

DS community well represented at Attitude awards

10/09/2021/by Coen Lammers

Watch Speech and Language seminar for terrific tips

03/09/2021/by Coen Lammers

Kiwi Bridget Snedden new President of DS International

30/08/2021/by Coen Lammers

WeThe15 campaigns to break down barriers

24/08/2021/by Coen Lammers

Amelia Meades honoured for incredible year of achievements

06/08/2021/by Coen Lammers

Money Game makes paying bills fun

03/08/2021/by Coen Lammers

Jacob Dombroski, a man of many talents

01/08/2021/by Coen Lammers

Emotional farewell for Colin after 30 years at Hirepool

28/07/2021/by Coen Lammers

Rochelle for FB

22/07/2021/by Coen Lammers

Rochelle Waters makes Canterbury proud

21/07/2021/by Coen Lammers

NZDSA appeals against pre-natal discrimination

19/07/2021/by Coen Lammers

CHAT 21 Winter 2021

16/07/2021/by Coen Lammers

Governor-General honours Down syndrome trailblazers

06/07/2021/by Coen Lammers

New book unlocks artistic potential in Down syndrome

02/07/2021/by Coen Lammers

IHC launches exciting new digital friendship platform

02/07/2021/by Coen Lammers

STRIVE meets for self advocacy workshops

24/06/2021/by Coen Lammers

Northland advocate honoured with National Volunteer Award

22/06/2021/by Coen Lammers

Where will we live in the future?

11/06/2021/by Coen Lammers

Trailblazer Michael Holdsworth gets Queen’s Birthday honour

08/06/2021/by Coen Lammers

Down syndrome advocate joins co-design team for Project Mobilise

02/06/2021/by Coen Lammers

Time-defying Special Olympics team set to qualify for National Games

26/05/2021/by Coen Lammers

NZDSA welcomes budget commitment to disability sector

26/05/2021/by Coen Lammers

Numicon kits available

14/05/2021/by Coen Lammers

Jayden enjoys his Outward Bound adventures

03/05/2021/by Coen Lammers

NZDSA launches annual phone fundraising campaign with Southern Stars

30/04/2021/by Coen Lammers

Edward enjoying his new flat

26/04/2021/by Coen Lammers

Amber’s movie to have world premiere in New York

23/04/2021/by Coen Lammers

Reforms to the Health System in New Zealand

22/04/2021/by Coen Lammers

A helping hand and a shout-out online nets Glen his first job

19/04/2021/by Coen Lammers

So what does the NZDSA do for you?

12/04/2021/by Coen Lammers

CHAT 21 Autumn 2021

06/04/2021/by Coen Lammers

Casting call for Down For Love show on TV2

24/03/2021/by Coen Lammers

Director’s brother with Down Syndrome inspires crime thriller

24/03/2021/by Coen Lammers

Star-studded zoom party celebrates WDSD 2021

21/03/2021/by Coen Lammers

NZDSA welcomes Kiwisaver amendments

26/02/2021/by Coen Lammers

PHAB creates unique and uplifting experience

24/02/2021/by Coen Lammers

Project Search launches youngster into workplace

24/02/2021/by Coen Lammers

Northland DS community going strong

17/02/2021/by Coen Lammers

Youngsters push the limits at NZDSA Youth Camp

29/01/2021/by Coen Lammers

New resource fills void for health professionals

16/12/2020/by Coen Lammers

Otago Down Syndrome Association flying high

07/12/2020/by Coen Lammers

Bears take the field in Christchurch

07/12/2020/by Coen Lammers

Exciting new job opportunities at NZDSA

01/12/2020/by Coen Lammers

How to navigate the maze of benefits

01/12/2020/by Coen Lammers

They Call Me Sam aims to change perspectives

29/11/2020/by Coen Lammers

Busy year for STRIVE self-advocates

23/11/2020/by Coen Lammers

Great videos to help people with learning disabilities

18/11/2020/by Coen Lammers

New resource aimed to destroy myths

23/10/2020/by Coen Lammers

Me and My Job at the design studio

14/10/2020/by Coen Lammers

Watch webinar about international education guidelines

13/10/2020/by Coen Lammers

Help Downlights to enable their crew to succeed

12/10/2020/by Coen Lammers

Dementia in people with Down syndrome: What does the research tell us?

28/09/2020/by Coen Lammers

Ageing DS population raises dementia issue

28/09/2020/by Coen Lammers

Exciting new website for NZDSA

10/09/2020/by Coen Lammers

Why the NZDSA needs your support

08/09/2020/by Coen Lammers

Lockdown survey reveals fascinating statistics

25/08/2020/by Coen Lammers

Couch Conversations

24/08/2020/by Coen Lammers

Have your say in the 2020 General Elections

24/08/2020/by Coen Lammers

Helpful COVID 19 info for the NZDSA community

24/08/2020/by Gary Lee

Three actors light up the big screen and the stage 

12/08/2020/by Coen Lammers

New guidelines game changer for teachers

10/08/2020/by Coen Lammers

Funding boost for high needs students

05/08/2020/by Coen Lammers

CHAT 21 Winter edition

30/07/2020/by Coen Lammers

Oral health major challenge for people with DS

14/07/2020/by Coen Lammers

NZDSA urges Govt to ignore Health and Disability review

03/07/2020/by Coen Lammers

Thank you to all wonderful volunteers

24/06/2020/by Coen Lammers

Parent connections provide invaluable support

14/06/2020/by Coen Lammers

CHAT 21 Autumn edition

29/05/2020/by Coen Lammers

News update from Special Olympics NZ

20/05/2020/by Coen Lammers

Downlights partners with NZDSA to raise funding

18/04/2020/by Coen Lammers

Lucky Few’ Tattoo Bonanza in Auckland

14/04/2020/by Coen Lammers

 “We Decide” message from Down syndrome community

20/03/2020/by Coen Lammers

CHAT 21 Christmas 2019

17/12/2019/by Coen Lammers

Dressing up to go to the ball

29/10/2019/by Gary Lee

STRIVE message to health professionals 

29/10/2019/by Gary Lee

Sharing experiences around our disabilities

29/10/2019/by Gary Lee

STRIVE team finetunes advocacy skills at Funshop

29/10/2019/by Gary Lee

Special Olympics celebrates inclusion

29/10/2019/by Gary Lee

Meghan scores try in Timaru rugby debut

29/10/2019/by Gary Lee

Rochelle reports from Queen concert

29/10/2019/by Gary Lee

Models light up New Zealand Fashion Week

29/10/2019/by Gary Lee

Luka takes on the charms and challenges of Niue

29/10/2019/by Gary Lee

Dan Tucker defies the odds in Whangarei

29/10/2019/by Gary Lee

New Zealand Warriors embrace Mark Dekker

29/10/2019/by Gary Lee

Me and My Job – Joel Forman

29/10/2019/by Gary Lee

Good support for decision making

29/10/2019/by Gary Lee

Making Decisions in Adulthood

29/10/2019/by Gary Lee

Reaching their full potential in the early years

29/10/2019/by Gary Lee

Genuine inclusion key to successful education

29/10/2019/by Gary Lee

Taking tiny steps in early learning

29/10/2019/by Gary Lee

CHAT 21 Spring 21

07/10/2019/by Coen Lammers

Learning new things on NZDSA Camp

09/09/2019/by Louisa

Adventure, camaraderie and dancing at Youth Camp

09/09/2019/by Louisa

NZ athletes perform with merit at World Games

09/09/2019/by Louisa

Jack and Rachel honoured for World Winter Games

09/09/2019/by Louisa

National Summer Games a huge success

09/09/2019/by Louisa

Five golds for Gabrielle at world champs

09/09/2019/by Louisa

My job – Roseanne  Zyskowski

09/09/2019/by Louisa

My job – Peter Rees

09/09/2019/by Louisa

My job – Hannah Proctor

09/09/2019/by Louisa

Young businessman gives back to charities

09/09/2019/by Louisa

My Job – Abigail Knight works in media

09/09/2019/by Louisa

Charlize’s love for art earns plaudits and hard cash

09/09/2019/by Louisa

Becky Donovan wins 2018 IHC Art Awards 

09/09/2019/by Louisa

UNDER ATTACK – Is the Down syndrome community under threat? 

09/09/2019/by Louisa

Why we decided to have a baby with Down syndrome 

09/09/2019/by Louisa

OPINION – I wish I had Down syndrome

09/09/2019/by Louisa

Going Flatting

08/09/2019/by Louisa

Down Syndrome and Autistic Spectrum Disorder: A Look at What We Know

08/09/2019/by Louisa

List of supported employment services

08/09/2019/by Louisa

Chasing that dream job

08/09/2019/by Louisa

Speech therapy tips: 5 tips for pre-schoolers 

05/09/2019/by Louisa

Easy as riding a bike…..

05/09/2019/by Louisa

Gentle guide to help parents enjoy their children

05/09/2019/by Louisa

From sign to word for Chat 21

05/09/2019/by Louisa

Vinnie and Rachel’s glorious wedding

05/09/2019/by Louisa

Logan’s journey to new happiness

05/09/2019/by Louisa

Reality of living with Down syndrome

05/09/2019/by Louisa

Duncan Small, a remarkable human being

05/09/2019/by Louisa

Keratoconus screening saves our son’s eyesight 

05/09/2019/by Louisa

Joe Payton celebrates birthday in style

05/09/2019/by Louisa

Jacob Dombroski gets role in Shortland Street

05/09/2019/by Louisa

Duncan Armstrong claims major festival award

04/09/2019/by Louisa

Carlos’s speech impresses medical students

04/09/2019/by Louisa

CHAT 21 Winter 2019

01/07/2019/by Coen Lammers

CHAT 21 Autumn 2019

31/03/2019/by Coen Lammers

CHAT 21 Autumn 2019

31/03/2019/by Coen Lammers

CHAT 21 Summer 2018

20/12/2018/by Coen Lammers

CHAT 21 Spring 2018

30/09/2018/by Coen Lammers

CHAT Winter 2018

31/07/2018/by Coen Lammers

My Goal Achievement – Andrew Oswin

01/06/2018/by Gary Lee

My Big OE with Mum and Dad

01/06/2018/by Gary Lee


01/06/2018/by Gary Lee

The Value Of Friendship

01/06/2018/by Gary Lee

Outside While Inside The Box

01/06/2018/by Gary Lee


01/06/2018/by Gary Lee

Jill and James Get Married

01/06/2018/by Gary Lee

Station Assistant, Matthew Swaffield

01/06/2018/by Gary Lee

A Powerful Speech

01/06/2018/by Gary Lee

Vincenzo Vaccarino

01/06/2018/by Gary Lee

Strive Funshop 2017

24/04/2018/by Gary Lee

Southern Stars Campaign

24/04/2018/by Gary Lee

CHAT 21 Autumn 2018

31/03/2018/by Coen Lammers