Parents always know their children better than any other person, including health professionals and teachers, and need to trust their own instinct.

Parents are the best and most important advocates for their children, but like all parents, those with children with Down syndrome need some help.In this section, we provide background information that may be helpful for parents, for all different stages of life; including health, early intervention, education, employment and housing.

These sections include generic information, but also real-life examples of people around New Zealand who are on the same path as you.

It is vital that you reach out for help as any parent will need some level of support as they raise their children.

When you are having a difficult day, it is important to remember you are not alone. Thousands of families are on the same path, with the same concerns, hurdles and challenges as your family and the Down syndrome community is always ready to help out and provide advice in a caring and non-judgemental way.

Most important of all, celebrate the milestones and cherish the joy your child brings to your family and your wider community.

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