From first diagnosis onwards, health, education, support, and other professionals make a huge impact – your mahi and your words matter so much.
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People with Down syndrome will come across a huge variety of professionals during their lives, from health professionals, educators, support workers, speech, occupational and other therapists.

These professionals can make a huge positive impact on their lives, but can also cause major damage or even trauma for families.

The most important message for all professionals is to see the person, not the condition and really find out what their passions, challenges and needs are.

New Zealand does not have many professionals who are experts in dealing with Down syndrome, so this section will hopefully provide other professionals with more knowledge and confidence to support people with Down syndrome.


The NZDSA provides medical background information to help health professionals to be able diagnose more effectively and educational tools and resources for teachers to help their students with Down syndrome reach their full academic potential.

Aside from generic information, you will find many real-life stories and research articles that may be helpful in your area of expertise.

The NZDSA is well connected with the international Down syndrome community and the latest research, so if you have any questions or need some support, never hesitate to contact us or your local representatives.

As you will see on our website, people with Down syndrome live wonderful fulfilling and successful lives; have relationships and develop careers. There are a few glass ceilings that have not broken.

So never underestimate a person with Down syndrome, because with the right support, they will surprise you with what they can achieve, over and over again.