My Goal Achievement – Andrew Oswin


I have got some wonderful news I would to share with everyone in the disabled community.

The good news is that I now have a paid job at the Parent to Parent and Greater Canterbury which is an organisation to help to raise awareness to empowering families, caregivers, parents, children and whanau in the community.

It was first set up in 1983 by a group of parents who wanted to help families who have ‘been there’ and have been going through experiences of their child diagnosed with similar disabilities and health impairments. So it is connecting parents to another parent and talking about the challenges that they experienced in their life. The research shows that Parent to Parent get to help children with any disability and it covers intellectual and physical disabilities. They almost are reaching the four thousand mark of conditions.

My job description is that I am being taken on as an Administrator and I will be helping with marketing, administration, clerical duties, publicity, attending AGMs and focus group meetings. At the moment I will be working on Fridays and it may be that I might be doing two days a week.

I will be fully involved with the disability sector so that I can be a good leader and advocate.

By Andrew Oswin

Andrew Oswin