Renee – Getting through COVID-19

My name is Renee, and I am 35 years of age. On Saturday, I found out that I got COVID. I felt very sad when I found out that I got COVID. And as soon as I found out, I needed to stay in my room, to protect my mum and family so they don’t get it. It is good that I have a TV in my room because I can watch all my TV programs.  It is also good that I have a phone to video chat and text with all my sisters and brothers.  

The worst thing about having COVID is that it is very boring. Because I am sick at home, I do nothing but rest. I wish I was hanging out with my friends and riding my horse Magic and Kane.  But unfortunately, I had to cancel my RDA (Riding with the Disabled) in Cambridge making me sad not to go horse-riding. I miss all the horses.

I have been eating yoghurt and that helps my sore throat. Also, Mum bought me a cough-lolly (lozenge), which helped my sore throat. I am drinking lots of water, and that is helping. Dad cooked sausages and vegetables last night, and I ate it all. Last night, I went to bed early because COVID made me feel tired. Today is Monday, and my cough is not as bad today.  In my bedroom I have a door so I can go outside and get fresh air which is good and we live in the country so that’s good to have the peace and quiet and no traffic noise.

I got two vaccinations. All my friends should do a COVID test to stay safe. I miss my friend Caitlin from Te Awamutu because I want to hang out when I get better. We have been friends for eight years. Maybe we will go to a movie, have McDonald’s, and have a photo together when I get better. But, for now, I will rest and spend time with my cat Simba.