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New Zealand Warriors embrace Mark Dekker

By David Skipworth Not many people would get away with interrupting Warriors coach Stephen Kearney while he’s delivering a team talk. Fewer still would dare to continue to speak over the top of the notoriously stern former Kiwis back rower and World Cup winning coach. But Mark Dekker – or ‘Mark Carter’ as he prefers […]


Me and My Job – Joel Forman

Where do you work? McDonalds Sydenham in Christchurch How long have you been there? 2 years How many days a week do you work? Two days, Monday and Tuesday. What hours do you work? I start at 11am til 2pm, so three hours. How do you get to work? I bike or bus to work […]


Good support for decision making

The IHC Advocacy team explains why the right to make your own decision is so vital to people with Down Syndrome. Being able to make our own decisions is a key part of how we all live our lives. From choosing between whether to have jam or Marmite on your toast, to deciding on who […]


Making Decisions in Adulthood

By Nan Jensen The Family Court has the power to appoint a person to make decisions for a person who lacks the capacity to understand the nature and consequences of their decisions and/or the ability to communicate their decisions. Roles can be allocated for very specific decisions or for a broad range of decisions. The […]


Reaching their full potential in the early years

Over the more than 40 years of its existence, the Champion Centre has helped transition many children with Down syndrome into early childhood centres and schools. Some teachers have good knowledge about the needs of children; but others have questions and concerns about how best to support them in the learning environment. As a result […]

Genuine inclusion key to successful education

In her third article on education, Margi Leech provides tips for families to get their children truly included and get the most of out their time at primary school. Children and young people learn best when they feel accepted, when they enjoy positive relationships with their fellow learners and teachers, and when they are able […]

Taking tiny steps in early learning

In her second article on education, Margi Leech focuses on taking tiny steps in the earliest stages of teaching your child. Most parents and teachers have discovered that what they do for children with learning difficulties works for all children. This article does not intend to be the final note on learning, or your child, […]


My Goal Achievement – Andrew Oswin

I have got some wonderful news I would to share with everyone in the disabled community. The good news is that I now have a paid job at the Parent to Parent and Greater Canterbury which is an organisation to help to raise awareness to empowering families, caregivers, parents, children and whanau in the community. […]

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My Big OE with Mum and Dad

By Tim Dinsdale Hi – my name is Tim and I live in Wellington, but for the last two years I have lived in London with Mum and Dad. We went on our OE which was great fun. I loved living in London even though it is big and very busy with lots and lots […]