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Bonus questions for politicians

Are the current speech and language therapy provisions adequate for children with Down syndrome? Toni Severin (ACT): “I’m not 100% sure, and I’ve got to be honest with that, but I know in general, there is a shortage to get kids in, and it doesn’t matter if you have Down syndrome or are just having […]

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Te Pāti Māori By Sarah Paterson-Hamlin

  We had hoped to bring you an interview with the disabilities portfolio holder from all five of the current parliamentary political parties. Unfortunately, Te Pāti Māori did not respond to our invitations, and as they are the smallest parliamentary party with only two MPs, they do not have allocated portfolios in the same way […]

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Heart kids

About 50% of new-borns with Down syndrome have congenital heart disease. Often, this means surgery while still a baby, but the prognosis in New Zealand is excellent, and the overall risks of this surgery are no different from the general population according to research released last year in the Journal of Congenital Cardiology.  We spoke […]